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GID Is the Spring!

Global Ivey Day (GID) 2017  Thursday, May 4

This year’s GID is happening on Thursday, May 4, so be sure to save the date. We have all come to know GID as the biggest alumni event of the year, taking place in mid-November. Every year it gets bigger and better, with 2016 boasting more than 3,000 alumni participating at 63 events worldwide.

So, why change it? The shift from the fall to the spring will provide alumni with new event programming and venue options (for those in Canada, think outdoors and warmer weather), and provides distance from the heavy fall program lineup, including major events like Homecoming. Moving GID now will set it up for even bigger growth opportunities in the future, and will allow for much more variety in the events we can offer you in years to come.

What can you expect this year? 2017 is a transition year for GID. We realize our alumni, event organizers, volunteers, sponsors, and other key stakeholders participated in our 2016 event only a few months ago. Taking that into careful consideration, the event as a whole will be scaled back — but you can still expect to see a Toronto Celebration, local GID Chapter events (details coming soon), and a few industry events. Like in the past, anyone can participate from anywhere across the globe by sharing how they’re celebrating through the hashtag #GlobalIveyDay on social media.

And what does GID 2018 look like? Our 2018 event (May 3) will bounce back to the GID you’ve come to expect — with more events, more locations, more venues, more alumni, and even more momentum. The Emerging Leaders Awards will return, and you’ll have more options to choose from with new outdoor activities and additional live-streamed events.

No matter the season, Global Ivey Day is still about commemorating and uniting alumni on one special day. It’s about ensuring all Ivey graduates have the opportunity to connect and engage with your Ivey Alumni Network. This change only strengthens our Network and gives us more ways to celebrate all things Ivey.

Contact for any questions about Global Ivey Day 2017 or about these changes.