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In celebration of Global Ivey Day, the Ivey Alumni Network Board will be awarding the Ivey Alumni Achievement Award to recognize the amazing accomplishments of our alumni community. 

Award Description

The selected Ivey Alumni Achievement Award recipient(s) has contributed significantly to their companies and communities throughout their career, while upholding the highest standards set forth by the Ivey Pledge. This alumna/us is described as a leader who — whether an industry pioneer, community builder, growth driver, or disruptive accelerator — brings to life Ivey’s mission statement. They think globally, act strategically, and contribute to the society in which they operate. As such, the Award recipient represents the best of our alumni community. 


Nominations for the 2020 Ivey Alumni Achievement Award are now open:

Nomination Form

We invite you to complete the form below to nominate a fellow alumna/us or yourself for the Ivey Alumni Achievement Award. If nominating yourself, please complete both Nominator and Nominee sections with your information.

Nominator Information

Nominee Information

Focus on what’s most unique, compelling and creative about what they do and why they should be recognized for their accomplishments. Explain what business evolutions they are pursuing and how are they making a difference. Talk about their impact on their sector, community and/or the world.

For more information about the Ivey Alumni Achievement Award, please contact